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Texas Heeler Puppies in Highland Park Texas

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Texas Heeler Blue Tri and Tri Puppies: $800-$1000 Our Texas Heeler puppies are 50% Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) and 50% Australian Shepherd. Our Texas Heeler puppies are bred from Purebred sires and dams. FEWER ANNUAL Texas Heeler & Purebred ACD LITTERS WILL BE AVAILABLE PUPPIES WILL BE PRICED ACCORDINGLY. More

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ALT Texas Heeler Puppy This is Molly aka Molly Magoo. She was born December 23rd, 2019 in Dalhart, TX. She is the first Texas Heeler we have intentionally kept over the last 12 years of raising puppies. She has been AMAZING. She is so gentle and sweet, super intelligent, and HIGHLY trainable. Show her something...she knows it instantly. More

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Location : Corsicana, TX, USA Texas Heeler puppies born May 14, 2022. All are healthy and thriving, playful and smart. Mom is a small, not mini Aussie shepherd liver colored Merle and dad is an all blue heeler. Currently all have had 1st set of vaccinations and will remain current. Updated photos will be found on IG or FB @ Rusty Badges Ranch More

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The Texas Heeler is a medium sized breed that generally stands between 17 and 22 inches tall at maturity. These dogs typically weigh between 25 and 50 pounds when they are full grown. As these dogs take the best features from their two parent breeds, they tend to be powerfully built, tall, and lean. More

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Since both of its parent breeds were bred to herd cattle, the Texas Heeler is nothing short of an expert herder. The breed originated in Texas during the 1970s, but unfortunately, not much else is known about the Texas Heeler’s history, which is the case for most hybrid dogs. More

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Location : 4017 Dillard Court, Joshua, TX, USA I'm Dorian, and I have Texas Heeler puppies looking for their forever home. Mom is Australian Shepard and Sire is Blue heeler. Both very gorgeous dogs. They are very smart and energetic dogs as well as incredibly loving and amazing with children and adults. More

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- Since 2015 - Hearty Texas Heelers 100% Holistic / Raw Started / Genetically Healthy AVAILABLE PUPPIES Click Here A LITTLE ABOUT US We are a small family of 3 with 7 fur babies. We have an 8 month old son, Elijah, 3 Doggos, Annabelle, Lilly, and Shadow, and 4 Bengal kitties. We first fell in love with the breed about 7 years ago. More

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Search results for: Texas Heeler puppies and dogs for sale near Highland Park, New Jersey, USA area on Puppyfinder.com Texas Heeler Puppies for Sale near Highland Park, New Jersey, USA, Page 1 (10 per page) - Puppyfinder.com More